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Learning Learning and development We design and deliver bespoke learning sessions for all races across all sectors to routinely address inequality, inequity, diversity and inclusion.

We convene and facilitate communities of practice to address race disparities.

Our approach enables participants to understand how individual racial and social identities intersect to shape health and wellbeing.

Participants will develop the skills to address the structural barriers that create and sustain inequities.
Leadership We build on the assets that exist within Black communities to enable individuals to be effective leaders. Building leadership capabilities Facilitating Providing support for local, regional, national and international organisations, and systems, to improve outcomes for Black people
We walk alongside organisations on their improvement journey, including supporting neighbourhoods, systems and/or majority-White organisations on allyship.

We provide workforce development to dismantle the structural barriers that hold inequities in place.

We support organisations who want to improve outcomes for Black people, to replicate the ‘Black Thrive’ model in their neighbourhoods and or systems.
Research We increase the visibility and amplify the voices of Black communities to increase understanding of how structural factors shape outcomes.

Through strategic partnerships we create quality research and evidence bases to influence policy and practice.
Research through a Black lens
Conferences Directors and associates have a range of lived experience, knowledge and expertise including mental health equity Speaking at conferences and events